Dunia Kecilku

Life with a Better Quality

In my lonely night

huff... happened to my self again difficult to sleep at night ...  

mhh.. i'm not sure if i can survive from my sleep tomorow at office... 

what i want to post now, blank and blanking in my head... i dont know what i want to post. 

just enjoying a quite night and listening the music its all about pop music, easy listener, and make me wake up the spirite of my life.. because semotimes music can be make a strong of our life.
Like the one tittle of my favorite song is can't take my eyes of you ... hehehe.. if i was hear that song, I could feel the energy increase in my heart and feel better and fresh. 

Life without music, i can not imagine
because music is an expression of what our feel, and maybe music can to help someone to solve theirs problem,
because that alive with the tones of your soul.

like the tittle of Rihana song "Dont stop the Music"

Turn the world with love and affection And the world will be friendly back to you. amien  

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Lina Marliana mengatakan...

komenku indonesiaan aja deh.... :D
Setuju..musik membuat hidupmu lebih berwarna..
kesukaan seseorang akan jenis musik tertentu dapat mempengaruhi kepribadian lho..
Hmm.. ada ga yah postinganku tentang ini...aku lupa.. (klo blm ada, ntar buat deh..) hehehe..

semalam jam2 segini mati lampu.. jadi tidur lebih awal deh..

4 Desember 2009 04.28  
Tika Sumadiyono mengatakan...

ok deh mbak lina, saya tunggu postingan nya..

15 Desember 2009 14.07  

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